Michael Debatty and Noah Barker - EXO EXO

Exo Exo, Paris, and Lodos, Mexico City, have integrated activities. At a macro level both acknowledge the broader responsibility to develop a new kind of engagement. At the micro level it remains necessary to promote additional points of view while looking for willing partners as a means of building alliances and building coalitions. As a gap opens up within the engagement, between expectation and product, it creates a space for alternative visions. What we see play out is a battle of ideas within a common agenda. It is a battle that ultimately is a challenge to consensus and a challenge to the interconnectedness both are committed to. This is not to conclude the engagement as ineffectual in furthering the collective interests; rather it invites a time for sober second thoughts and doses of pragmatism.

Michael Debatty is an artist working in Liège.
Noah Barker is an artist working in New York.
Exo Exo is a curatorial program and a non-for-profit exhibition space in Paris.
Lodos is an exhibition space in Mexico City.

Michael Debatty and Noah Barker
Exo Exo, June 23 - 30