Honza Zamojski - A — NA — TO — MY, BWA Zielona Gora

Act I

A few etudes. A loop. A headless costume. Cement. Ruins. Cardboard ruins. No uniform content. Fragmented content. A fragmented subject. A set for stage. A proud drawing. A source of light.

[Breath in]

Ruins. One living object. A demonstration. All banners. Headless slogans on a moving walkway. With text. Or without. Poem problem. An animated theater. An anatomical theater. Concrete. Cement. Styrofoam. A sparrow. Cosmos.

[Breath in]

Plenty afoot in the background. The rustle of drawing. Layers. A spotlight. Focal length calculator. A conflict. A bolder line. A wall projection. Measurements. Costumes. What outfit? What banner? A gray sweatshirt. Pants. Shoes. A mirror. A podium. Other theatrical lighting. A figure holding a banner. A costume that is not a costume. Overscaling. The anatomy of a conflict.

[Breath in, breath out] De-ca-pi-ta-tion.

[Breath in]

A set for stage. All that moves. All that doesn’t. A drawing in motion. The outer view of the body. Narrative relationships. Two worlds. Two narratives — real and reflected. The reality after a decapitation.

The genesis of a conflict. Conflicting views. The same views. A conflict within a space. A conflict within a body. Emotions versus mind. The victim of a conflict. The victim of an inner conflict.

[Breath in]

A ghost. A horizontal tale. Time. A vertical tale. Space. Cement shoes. Leads. The weight of propulsion. Form. A ghost. Form. A cut-out circle. Form. A chair. An enlarged chair.

[Breath in]

A black sweatshirt. Gray pants. Black shoes. A colorless body. A lone figure on stage. The last actor. Incomplete. Headless. The incomplete physicality of the leader. The incomplete physicality of the followers. The script on the sidelines. The actor at the scene of the conflict. Standing there. Protesting. What? Alright? A hole. No head. A poem. The victim of a conflict.

The victim of an inner conflict. Body versus body. The tongue. The forking of a tongue. [Breath in, breath out]


[Breath in]

A microworld. A macroworld. A podium. A chair. People see. Between the podium and the ceiling. A bright curtain. 

Contribution by Domenico de Chirico.

Honza Zamojski - A — NA — TO — MY
BWA Zielona Gora, March 11 - April 3