Cecily Brown is the artist currently making headlines at every major art publication. Nothing new for the British-born artist, who in 2000 was already the subject of a major feature in Vanity Fair, except in its nature. This time, it is not about a seven figure auction record or an exhibition in a leading museum such as Reina Sofia or the Whitney, but for ending her relationship with the mega dealer Larry Gagosian. 

Cecily first started working with Mr. Gagosian at the young age of 29 and her prices quickly hiked to the six figures. Surprisingly, this commercially successful relationship has ended after 15 years. Larry Gagosian is known for providing lucrative careers for his artists with a total of 14 galleries worldwide do so. His strengths on the art market are notable, but do they compensate for the lack of career-defining moments such as major museum exhibitions that artists are so eager for? As she appears to have done so in not so bad terms, it might just be what she needed after being on Larry's camp since such a tender age. "You know, it was 15 years. It was amazing. It was a fantastic experience working with them. I adore Larry. Larry is one of my favorite people. I love him. But after 15 years, it seemed like it would be healthy for my work to be seen in different contexts — for me to see my work in other contexts." says Ms. Brown.  

Leaving one of the most powerful mega-galleries isn't the only change for the artist, as she is currently exhibiting small works at Maccarone gallery in New York. Usually known for larger-than-life colourful and sexually-charged paintings that lay in the border between figuration and abstraction, Cecily has decided to show a series of works that are no bigger than 19 inches each.  "The English Garden" is the title of the exhibition that comprises works made in a period of ten years, from 2004 to 2014.  Last but not least, Ms. Brown is now on Instagram. Better late than never.